Walking in the neighborhood

  • Limburg, the hiking and cycling paradise

    Limburg is the Belgian cycling paradise par excellence. The more than 2.000 km of cycling routes lead you past numerous Limburg top locations with a rich history, green pearls and enchanting landscapes.
  • Hiking in Kessenich

    In Kessenich you can enjoy the fauna and flora in and around the Vijverbroek. You might spot a buzzard, an egret or a beaver.

    In Koningssteen-Kollegreend you can walk on the club path to the bird hide. But watch out for the Konik horses or Galloway cattle on the way.

    The beautiful flower paradise of this nature reserve attracts many butterflies and bees.

  • Cross-border walking in the 'Drie Eigen'

    Kessenich, Thorn and Neeritter form an area that harmoniously combines nature and culture. The Regional Landscape Kempen en Maasland developed a beautiful walking network through these three former 'delights'.

    The paths lead you through the nature reserves Vijverbroek, Kollegreend and Koningssteen. You pass a lot of enormous puddles that have been created by the excavation. Typical for this region.